Wednesday, March 31, 2010

North...... rising through the dust

Last weekend I was able to visit the northern city Vavuniya. As the visit was a quick official work, I could not experience the atmosphere much. I was much excited on the visit as I have not been to this part of the country before. The furthermost I have been on this A9 road was  Medawachchiya. That was during the conflict period on my way to Mannar.
During the past the journey to the North and back was a very tiresome one as there were multiple inspections happened along the A9 road. Some one had to wait four five even more at some places to get the clearance to pass.
Medawachchiya was one of main check points in the past and always very crowded with long queues. Today the old inspection buildings and the vehicle yards stands still silently looking at the vehicles passing by.

The A9 road is under construction and, with the construction disturbance we were able to reach Vavuniya within 6 hours. Of course we started from Colombo at 3am.

The road development is carried out in a quality as we can see the finished parts are constructed in standards. All the read signs are set up appropriately. And the city names are stated in all three languages. It was really nice to see the country being developed.
But along with the physical development the spiritual development of the people should happen. If not all the resources spent on the development will be a total waste. I have witnessed a really sad example for this during the visit itself.

As I said there were name boards were set up along the road before entering every city/main area. These board ware made of special sticker where the light is reflected back making the wordings illuminated in the night. We have noticed some one has applied a black paint over the Tamil name on these name boards along a section of the road near Anuradhapura.

This is really a idiotic thing. This will not only disturbs the harmony among the cultures but also adding a massive expenditure for the government in replacing them. Probably for the person who applied the ink on these boards might not have gain any benefit on this work, but might have lost some money on buying these paint items.

It is very important to behave in respectable manner specially in a period like this where everybody is having hurting memories in their minds. The government and the military forces have done their duty  to the 100% in bringing down the conflict situation to this level and not its the peoples duty to carry forward the country without any unwanted incidents.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country  and its our duty to keep the beauty Physically, Naturally and Culturally.

Sri Lanka (Country Guide)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hidden truth of neptune?

Today I came across this interesting article about the behavior of the Planet Neptune. Its the first time I heard a theory of planets being Eaten by planets!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting old...

When I was a kid, making it to the next birthday was a great thing for me. Its not because, of the party and the loads of gifts I am going to get on the birthday. In fact our family didn't follow that tradition.
What made me happy on every birthday was the fact that I have become one year older. The feeling of becoming a grown up creates loads of thought in your mind. Most of them were pleasant ones. Being able to do things that adults do was one of my dreams. That always created a charm in my mind.
When I am becoming an adult I have lost this enthusiasm . Instead I want to slow my aging.
But that could not be achieve.

It has been a significant year in my life. The year started with settling in a new place with my wife Sajani. We got married last October and moved in to a new apartment. Settling down to new life was bit harder. But that was something you can avoid doing. Sajani was reading for her Chartered exams and we were busy with arranging our new home.

During the month of February I lost one few people who loved me a lot. My Grandmother who have been looking after me since my birth passed away in February. She was one person that inspired me a lot. I wanted to write about my grandmother in this even when she was alive. But due to some mysterious reason even still the words doesn't come on to mu fingertips.

withing the sorrows of the loss of my grandmother, one happy news came to us. A new comer has sared its journey to com in to our life. This helped us to overcome the loss of our grandmother. Being the first grand child of my parents the hopes of the whole family came towards this going to come new comer.

After 38 weeks, Sajani gave birth to our son. We have decided to name him Anuhas. The selection of the other name is till undergoing. I have looked after babies in my life. My career started from my little brother. I was 11 when he was born. Since then I had the chance to look after, feed, make him sleep him. I watched him crawl, walk and play. Now he is studying for the advanced levels and does lot of things that we were not even thought of at his age. It was an unmatchable experience to watch a baby grow.

From the birth of Anuhas, the same story stated in my life. This time with bigger responsibilities.
It has been 5 days since, but these five day have given me the stress, happy, fear and joy of my whole life.

When I watch him sleep I feel that I have gotten old. The Oldness that I always yearned to experience when I am a kid. Which was not that charming.......


Sunday, March 22, 2009

YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp previews in gmail.....

Link in your mails...... Oooh!! Once again we have to wait till the page loads. New window? New tab? always confuses the mind.
When it is a link to your Picasa or Fickr upload... you always find how to make the readers click on this link.
This is something I always came across when sending my Picasa links to my friends.
Most of the time people do not have time (or rather the need :p) to click on this extra link. Specially when its something like an image or in worst case a video.

If there is a way to let them see the video or the image linked to the mail within the mail itself. That is something I have looked for a long time.

Google labs have done it!!!
YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp previews in the gmail enables you to see previews of photos, videos, and reviews right in your email instead of just links.

I have tested this feature in my mails in the following browsers;

1. Firefox 3.0.7
2. Google Chrome
3. Opera 9.64
4. Internet Explorer 7.0.6001
5. Internet Explorer 8.0.6001
6. Safari 4

Out of this only safari did not supported this feature.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Singapore -Seoul -SanFransisco

This year is going to be the most exiting year of my life. There are two reasons for that so far and cant imagine what would add to the list.
Firstly to get married and secondly being able to fly abroad.
First is due in the month of October. The second has just happened.
I was asked to undergo a training in the US office of the company that I am working. The call came suddenly so that I had to alter all my plans for the big event in the coming months.
After a tiresome preparation I started flying on 31st July from Sri Lanka.
My first stop was at Singapore where I stayed for the night. The I started to San Fransisco on the next day morning. It was a 18 hour fly over the pacific sea and we had a stay at Seoul - South Korea.
Now I am in San Fransisco. I am hoping to post comprehensive description on each air ports in the future. (Hope the time permits me to do this)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photo gallery uploades at

Since I am the crafter of the saman dewalaya web site I though i have to publish a note on the recent upgrades of the site.

Photos of the Esala maha perhara 2007 was uploaded. This can be seen under,